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Camille Martin is the author of four collections of poetry: Looms  (Shearsman Books, 2012), Sonnets (Shearsman Books, 2010), Codes of Public Sleep (Book Thug, 2007), and Sesame Kiosk (Potes & Poets, 2001). Steeped in lyric traditions and influenced by her training as a pianist, her poetry is known for its meditative and musical qualities. Yet it also questions the assumptions of traditional lyricism, form, and narrative. One of Martin's current poetry projects is Blueshift Road. She is also working on The Evangeline Papers, a poetic sequence based on her Acadian/Cajun heritage and her participation in archeological digs at an eighteenth-century village in Nova Scotia (finds: pieces of wine bottles and clay pipes). She blogs at Rogue Embryo, and her website is


Astronomical disk
unearthed, rescuing
Bronze Age Central
Europe from unadulterated
savagery. Urban sewer
systems, monumental heaps
of stacked stone obviated
as badges of civilization.

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