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bill bissett born halifax nov 23 1939 same day as gerald lampert p.k. page billy th kid geoff invararitee n kevin courrier left at 17 2 go west 2 vancouvr hitch hiking on th road wanting clariteez seeking freedom from behaviour n sexual role repressyuns n 2 rage out in nu direksyuns in writing painting n living startid blewointmentpress 64 dottr michelle born in 62 kept writing n painting n printing thru n aftr 3 partnrships now on my own 4 sum time 98 living in toronto painting writing dewing reedings was living part time in London ontario sins 86 til 91 sang n wrote lyriks in band luddites based in london was also living in vancouvr during thos years what brout me 2 ontario eye call centralia was being writr in residens at western u have writtn ovr 60 books uv poetree manee uv them with Talonbooks wundrful publishr ium wanting 2 xtend th boundareez uv th langwage n th form still go 2 th west coast a lot whn thers work 2 dew that n live in th countree up north in th karibu a lot also its hard 2 separate biographee from bibliographee

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