Bahram Bahrami


Bahram Bahrami - born in 1943, Maraghe, Iran. Graduated from School of Film & TV, Tehran, BA English literature, University of Tehran. Some of his published works include: dozh yair'ya, collection of poetry (Farsi) 2001, Toronto, by: ImageAtSource, Songs of Nowhereland, selected poems by Esmail Khoi, translated by Bahram Bahrami, 1995, Toronto, Afra publications, aticles, poems, short stories by Bahrami published in English and Farsi in weekly's and periodicals. Other published works in Farsi: peyvastegi hAye gosaste, a collection of my poems, ruz hAye khosh, a translation from Samuel Beckett's play, Happy Days, darbare ye teAtr, a translation from Bertolt Brecht's Schriften Zum Theater, bahAr dar ukrAyn, a translation from Yevgeni Yevtushenko's poems.

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