Allie Jaynes


Allie Jaynes is a contributor to OpenFile, FFWD Weekly, Chinese creative magazine NeochaEDGE, and China's Global Times. She has worked as a nanny for Belgian aristocrats, harvested olives in Spain, eaten grilled rat in the hills of Vietnam, and heard brilliant jazz pianists and terrifying howler monkeys at dawn in Costa Rica. She works at the Calgary Drop-In Centre and volunteers as an interpreter at the Calgary Immigrant Women's Association. Allie likes road trips, live music, kitchen dance parties, and good books in the afternoon sun.


The trained orchard
Here they tie apple
branches to the ground, in
their last years, trees
bear the most
fruit. It’s a simple
training of the limbs
to forget the language
of upward curvature,
to forget the hunger for light.
The trees swell
each day more urgent
with apples, the baskets
too heavy to carry. The ground
is a dark carpet of red
wasps burrow through,
the air mute
with unbearable sweetness.

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