The filling Station Publications Society is a Collective made-up entirely of volunteers. If you are interested in joining the filling Station Collective, please email the Managing Editor.


Note: Inquiries related to circulation and distribution may be directed to the Circulation Manager. General inquiries and inquiries related to volunteering, subscribing, submitting, advertising, marketing, and media may be directed to the Managing Editor.

Kyle Flemmer – Managing Editor

Kyle Flemmer is an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary, Alberta. Over the last two years he served as the Assistant Poetry Editor for filling Station. Kyle founded The Blasted Tree Art Collective and Publishing Company in 2014, and holds a BA in Western Society & Culture and Creative Writing from Concordia University. His most recent poetry chapbooks are Astral Projection (above/ground press, 2017) and Lunar Flag Assembly Kit (no press, 2017). Learn more at

Weyman Chan – Poetry Editor

Tasnuva Hayden – Fiction Editor

Amy Leblanc – Nonfiction Editor

Victoria Braun – Art Editor



Wes Babcock
Will Best
Stephanie Chan
Fernando Girotto
Jen Jim
Liam Lowth
Marc Lynch
Shannon Maguire
Polly Orr

Board of Directors

President - Marc Lynch -

Treasurer - Shammi Wijewardena

Secretary - Weyman Chan

Bylaws -

Officer at Large - Ian Kinney

Officer at Large - Jani Krulc

Officer at Large - Stuart Ian McKay



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Marc Lynch – Flywheel Coordinator -

Kat Wawrykow – Designer -

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